Get Involved

Please note that recruitment for this project has finished. Thank you so much to all those who took part. I hope to publish an accessible report on the findings by the end of 2018.

Do you sign? Then you could get involved with some exciting BSL research.

Could you help with important BSL research?
My name is Rowena Bermingham. I am a researcher at Cambridge University. I need your help. I research the differences in signing between various groups. If you use BSL then you could help. To contact me, email

Who can help?
Are you aged 18-40 and live in the London, Cambridge, Birmingham area? Then you can help. I am looking for people in three groups:
1) Deaf signers who started using BSL before the age of 13.
2) Hearing signers who started using BSL before the age of 13 and also grew up using BSL at home.
3) Hearing signers who started using BSL after the age of 13 and also are studying (or have studied within the last 18 months) Level 6 NVQ Diploma in BSL interpreting/translation.

What will happen?
When you contact me, we will arrange to meet at a time and place of your choosing (for example, you could choose your local Deaf club in the evening). We would spend around 1 hour doing BSL-related activities. If BSL is your preferred language, then all instructions will be in BSL. If English is your preferred language then all instructions will be in written English. I can pay you £7 for the hour.

Why should you help?
I believe there are three main reasons:
1) When this research is finished, I will feed back the results and write a report. This report will include, for example, advice on how BSL learners can improve their BSL.
2) This research will help to explain what problems there are with BSL interpretation and why these problems happen.
3) At the moment, other British languages (English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic) receive more funding for teaching and research than BSL. If you get involved in BSL research, it will encourage more research and funding in the future. Politicians and universities will recognise how important BSL is and funding will increase.

Interested? How do you contact me?
If you are interested, email including your name, age and whether you are hearing or Deaf. I will reply and we will arrange to meet.