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I am a social science adviser in the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology where I write briefings on social science topics (including in education, crime, social care and health) for use by Parliamentarians.

Previously, I completed a PhD at Cambridge University in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. I conducted research into British Sign Language (BSL) motion event descriptions, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Before my PhD I did an undergraduate degree in English Literature at Durham University (2008-2011) and an MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics at Cambridge University (2011-2012). During my PhD, I supervised Cambridge University undergraduates on the courses Li3 Language, Brain and Society and Li15 First and Second Language Acquisition. Along with my colleague Lydia Vinals-Castonguay (from the Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit), I arranged inter-disciplinary events for early career researchers and in May 2015 I organised a one-day interdisciplinary conference for early career researchers interested in the link between body and mind (the Cambridge Body in Mind Symposium).

I originally became interested in BSL after taking modules at Durham University. Following this, I completed my Level 1 Award with Cambridge Deaf Association and then did my Level 2 Certificate with Sign Language Studies Centre. I passed my Level 3 Certificate with Remark! in March 2015.

I am particularly interested in the intersection of academia and policy and have run workshops on this subject. I was also part of the Cambridge University ThinkLab, an initative where PhD students developed potential solutions to problems presented by industry partners.

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